Beagle: Ileen, beautiful dog

Hellow Woefkesranch!
Thanks to you, four years ago I've bought a beagle puppy to take away to Russia.
His name is Ileen van de Woefkesranch, and he's grown up to be a beautiful dog, very independent and self-sufficient, like all the beagles, but a nice temperament and well adjusted to a city life in every way.He was bought as a pet, with a not-FCI-pedigree, but unexpectedly began to make success at the show ring. Now he is a multiple class-winner, several times Best of Breed and even a Group winner! He is finished for a championship long ago, but they deny him a Champion title because of his "unproper papers". His pedigree, which I received by mail, under close examination turned out to be a photocopy, not an original (which of course was noticed by our kynological officials, and which was extremely embarrasing for me, as I never expected something like that!). Besides, they always need an EXPORT pedigree for the "foreign" dogs. When we talked about pedigree, I remember, I asked for an export pedigree, and was promised to get an export one. I tried to contact V.O.E., who issued the pedigree, but they were very uncooperative, and were not interested to do anything about it.Is it possible to get a proper export pedigree for my Ileen? I'm quite happy with my beagle as he is, I really don't need this champion certificate, he is the best champion for me, but I think it's a little bit unfair for his future and his progeny (he's sired three litters and it will be more I'm sure).I'd appreciate it greatly if you could help me with this problem.
Beste groeten,Natasha MikhnevichMoscow, Russia
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